Smashing Pumpkins

Don’t know about you, but I’ve never been more disgusted with politics than with the latest shenanigans around shutting down the government. Of course, Senators and Congressmen will continue to get paid and get their health insurance.  Okay maybe I was this disgusted during the Bush election coup.   The House wants to shut the government down before the Affordable Care Act can kick in on October first.  They are afraid that it might just work. I can barely pay attention to the countdown clocks, the interviews with House members in echoing marble halls, and bloviating Teabaggers.  Don’t even get me started on TX Senator Ted F. N. Cruz. And where is the Democrat’s Ted Cruz?  The Supreme Court upheld ACA.  The repeal of ACA has been voted down 41 times.  It’s the law.  Get over yourselves. And then it’s on to the debt ceiling debates.  ARRRGH.  I’m fixing to get off the grid, put in my victory garden, get some barter going, and kick my TV to the curb. Not really, but you know what I’m saying?  Then I hear that one of the Pussy Riot girls on hunger strike was taken to the hospital. Time to smash some pumpkins.