Pope John Paul, President Ronald Reagan, David Letterman and I all began our professional careers within six months of each other.

Pope John Paul is now a saint whose qualifying miracle was making the pedophilia scandal disappear. Ronald Reagan’s spirit has taken up evil residency in his Badger State mini-me, Scott Walker. David Letterman is retiring on May 20.

Years ago my friend Jane, my comedy mom, who is now 95, told me to watch him. She still tells me who to watch. Recently she called and left a message, “Amy Schumer, right now, Comedy Central!” I thought Dave on his brief morning show was corny, juvenile, smartass and funny.

His first network Late Night show was on at 1230a. Thus began my history of frustration trying to tape things for later viewing. Back then it was real big plastic tape boxes, not your fancy airy fairy cloudy DVR technologies that I can’t do either. I thought I had taped Ray Romano’s ninety minute tribute to Letterman’s career, but instead got an episode of MSNBC’s Lockdown.

David Letterman and I were both born in 1947, many years ago, yet the number is still available if you’re scrolling for your DOB. I have enjoyed and identify with his increasing irascibility, made edgier in the sloshing sea of late night saccharine people pleasing. I’d grown accustomed to the bitter after taste of Dave’s show. It helped me sleep. I better get some melatonin. I’m still working and I need my rest.