Uplifting Letdowns

Well I don’t know about you, but I am definitely having a post-Supreme Court Affordable Healthcare Act, post-Marriage Equality, post-Women’s World Cup Soccer, post-Serena Williams Wimbledon letdown.

And ‘letdown’ is the wrong word, for it suggests a soft, feathery zig-zagging descent. Picture a David Letterman watermelon tossed from a NYC rooftop. Actually I’m still having a letdown from Dave’s departure.

The rainbow lights on the White House have been turned off. The ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes is over. The exultant lift of the trophy plate is over.

And I’m learning to love a letdown.

Next letdowns on the horizon?

Evan Wolfson, the early Futilitarian of Marriage Equality, agrees to take on the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Jill Ellis, cool-headed coach of the US Women’s Soccer team, designs a flawless strategy for the inevitable backlash to Marriage Equality. Karli Lloyd will handle offense. Hope Solo on defense.

Serena Williams, tennis Grand Slammer in the making, can take on anything she wants after the US Open.

I tell you. A girl could get used to such wonderful letdowns.