Slap Unhappy

In the season finale of The Good Wife when Diane slapped Alicia, I did not feel any satisfying book-end symmetry. The last scene was meant to mirror the first scene of the very first episode when Alicia had slapped her philandering husband after his confessional press conference.  I was unaware.
We only started watching TGW three seasons ago as part of a self-prescribed regimen of binge-watching.  I am a big believer in getting out of the way so the body can heal.  Three years ago my dear partner was healing from breast cancer.  We coped through mastectomies with The Wire; chemo with Breaking Bad and radiation with Friday Night Lights. 
There was still some healing to be done.  Someone suggested TGW.  Or they might have suggested Kalinda.
We caught up with the general story line pretty easily, but never really had the history with Alicia that you all had. I shouted my way through many episodes:  “Oh come on, don’t be such a girl.”  “Get a backbone, woman!”  “Don’t stand by your man. Stand on your man!”  “What is the matter with straight women?”  But I didn’t want to slap her.
The slap has churned out many readings. CNN, which will poll absolutely anything, has probably already crunched the numbers on John King’s magic wall. The frontrunner interpretation in my exit poll is that by using Diane’s husband’s affair to keep Peter out of prison, Alicia broke with her oldest female ally and became a less than good person. 
But I hated that slap.