I am not a woowoo woman much to the annoyance of many of my seeker friends.  But even I will say there was some harmonic convergence, some confluence of vortexes, some unifying something, some hope that happened this week. 

A woman, Hillary Clinton, wins her party’s nomination to run for president.  Her acceptance speech begins with a call-back to the days of Seneca Falls, women’s rights and women’s vote.  A woman in the video actually says ‘partriarchy’ and the roof doesn’t fall in. 

Donald Trump, Patriarchy’s Exhibit A, telepromptered presidentially from yet another gilded dining hall in one of his Golf Resorts. He goes off the rails when he can’t resist a peepee joke.

The GOP that made Kim Il Trump possible is said to be dividing.  Absolutely no woo woo there. Don’t believe a word of it.  They’re zombies.  They’ll be back.

Then President Obama gives Hillary his I’m-With-Her endorsement and  gleefully chomps at the bit to get on the campaign trail to crush Trump like a bug. 

Elizabeth Warren goes all in with her too and becomes Hillary Clinton’s Anger Translator.  Warren also praises Bernie Sander’s primary campaign for making the party and all of us better.  I feel chastened.  

All week videos play of Muhammad Ali speaking his mind, living his conscientious objecting principles, and his Muslim identity.  Ali looming over a fallen boxer,  “Say my name. Say my name”. 

And all the while, the Stanford rape case. The woman, who is not named, names the  actual details of a rape, her rape – the words vagina, anus, finger, blood. Rape’s long effects are said and discussed for days in all media.  The 6 month sentence, the 20 minutes of action, the Stanford patriarch and his son.

What a week.  From name-calling, to naming and claiming.  More maniacal national mood swings are in store for us, but this was an extraordinary week.