To quote Emily Dickinson: “Hope” is the thing with feathers.

If hope is the thing with feathers, I hope it’s not a Canada goose.

This winter Manhattan looks as if it’s been invaded by some rogue unit of the Royal Canadian Mounties. I think they come in peace. They wear fur-lined hooded puffer parkas of varying lengths and colors all with a distinctive blue, red and white insignia of Canada geese.

Canada Goose outerwear was first designed for use by park rangers and northern arctic explorers. The expensive brand has been coming across our wall-less northern border for fifteen years but seemed to reach critical mass this year. At this rate goose feathers could become as endangered as elephant tusks.

The coats are everywhere and so far it hasn’t been that cold a winter. Is it a global warming denier convention? Perhaps they’re here to surveill those who vowed to move to Canada if you-know-what happened.

Hope is the thing with feathers. Not the thing with the peacock feathers soon to be parading on the White House lawn, only on weekdays.