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Provincetown Magazine: REVIEW : Kate Clinton’s Wake Up Call

She makes us laugh at things that we didn’t even realize we actually understood. To say that she is smart would be an understatement. To say that she is funny would be withholding. To best describe Kate Clinton you would have to say that she is among the most talented lesbian comedians ever and that her groundbreaking career has been of monumental value to the gay and lesbian community.

– CherryGirl

From her vantage point on stage, comedian Kate Clinton often sees the living proof of how far the LGBT rights movement has come.

-Desert Sun

Hilariously funny, and she has a passion for “serious humor.”

What’s so funny about madness, horror and catastrophe, Republicans and ecocide and homophobia? For that matter, what’s so funny about being middle-aged, or the agonies and traumas of childhood? What’s funny about the Pope? Kate Clinton will tell you! Is it possible to be incredibly funny and at the same time political visionary? Kate Clinton will show you that it’s more than possible – by being both! Of course, to do this, to be simultaneously a million laughs and politically super-smart, it helps to be Kate Clinton, and since only one of us is Kate Clinton, since she is unique in all the world, brilliantly, elegantly funny about everything that terrifies us, and since so much terrifies us these days, and since laughing at what scares us emboldens us, my recommendation is that you seize any opportunity that comes your way to hear Kate Clinton. Her new show is magnificent!

– Tony Kushner

Quick-witted, clear-spoken… She has developed a bizarrely logical, seemingly free-associating style of delivery [and] had this critic in tears from laughing so hard.

– New York Times

First lady of gay and lesbian comedy… a legend in and out of the GLBT community.

– Outlook AZ

The unimpeachable Kate Clinton: Even with doom and gloom in the headlines, this topical comedian is never at a loss for material.

– The Register-Guard

Well, thank goodness for the breach of etiquette known as comedian Kate Clinton! […] Clinton’s strengths are manifold. Her incisive intelligence surfaces in both her comic text as well as her quick-witted repartee with a chatty audience.

– Bay Area Reporter

Kate Clinton, one of [America’s] smartest humourists.

– Monday Magazine

Clinton’s hilarious, high-energy persona delivers smart, well-written, smoothly transitioned material in what may be her best show yet.

– Provincetown Banner

Her political observations are smart and spiced wtih zesty zingers.

– In Magazine – Los Angeles

Clinton’s sexuality really seems irrelevant. She is just plain funny.

– Scottsdale Republic

Clinton is out and proud, but her comic observations aren’t limited to gay life.

– Star-Ledger

She’s sometimes biting, sometimes bawdy, always bright.

– Bottom Line Magazine, Palm Springs

For a quarter century, Kate Clinton has been a distinctive voice in lesbian comedy, and she’s still going strong.

– Dallas Voice

Clinton has been nothing less than an inspiring pioneer.

– Hour Magazine

Kate Clinton is a role model. She cuts to the heart of serious issues with charm and incisive wit.

– Ithaca Gannett Buzz

The woman is a goddess.

– Richard Burnett, Hour Magazine

Kate Clinton is a comedian for our time.

– Philadelphia Gay News

Clinton’s endlines are nothing if not pivotal-incredibly intelligent and designed to get the point across…..she is amazing, adorable and on point.

– Liberty Press, Kansas

Her quick-witted savvy brand of humor is like listening to a romp through the topical daily news, filled with keen observations, smart send-ups, and quotable quotes. She can encapsulate the irony of a complex topic in one turn of a very funny phrase.

– Watermark Magazine, Florida

Smart, gorgeous and funny as L!


A savvy, witty observer of American Life…

– Boston Herald

Kate Clinton cuts through ten thousand miles of badness with a single brilliant insight, complete with punchline.

– Tony Kushner

Clinton rattles off policy issues and political hot potatoes like a Beltway insider.

– L.A. Times

Her terrific new show has a reassuring air of order [and] her gleeful slant cust across all party lines. Clinton’s appeal runs deeper than quotable lines, to a bouyant, bemused attitude that can connect seemingly distant dots.

– SFO Chronicle

Clinton herself is anything but invisible. She’s a tireless champion of gay rights.

– New York Blade

Kate Clinton brillantly captures this time and place with keen observations, no holds-barred criticism, biting humor, and still a hope for something better.

– Detour Magazine

Phenomenal entertainer.

– West Coast Woman

Skilled humorist.

– Yahoo

Praise for All Fracked Up

Always hilarious, political, wonderfully spot-on

– Edge Media

Clinton shines is her ability to take that morning’s news and turn it into comic gold by show time.

– provincetown Magazine

No topic is off limits and Kate will have you laughing like you haven’t in ages and she’ll get you thinking too.

– Out Boulder

Times like these — election years, when politics are a comedian’s punching-bag—were made for Kate Clinton, who has hilariously riffed on 30 years of stupid presidents and right-winged morons.

– GO Magazine

Praise for Lady HAHA

Clinton’s brand of comedy remains relevant, topical and – most importantly – funny as she dissects the many issues currently facing our community and movement.

– Boston Edge

groundbreaking career, being an LGBT super model

– Staten Island Advance

Clinton’s latest CD is a pitch perfect response to the absurdities spewed forth by the Republican Party, the Vatican, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party. Buy a copy for yourself to stay sane in this insane
 political climate
It’s enough to make you cry if Clinton didn’t first make you laugh.

– Provincetown Magazine

Praise for The Marrying Kind

Hot-button topics such as same-sex marriage . . . gays in the military and religious hypocrisy are fertile fodder for the author’s intelligently caustic ridicule. But Clinton also has the knack of spinning even the small moments of everyday life into comic gold.

– The Gay and Lesbian Times

Praise for here!comedy presents

This multi-talented comedian waxing poetic about feminism gay marriage politics and religion. Clinton displays an amiable, approachable charm…

– DVD Review

Praise for I Told You So

Funny lesbian Kate Clinton’s book of vignettes, “I Told You So” (May), throws just as many ingredients into the pot — she riffs on Hillary Clinton and waterboarding, baptism and Provincetown — but comedic license and her own wicked sense of humor, allow Clinton a kind of thematic ADD that fiction would not afford.

– Washington Blade

Clinton proves in these essays—which cover topics from the inherent lesbianism of Sex and the City to three-dimensional thesauri—that she still ranks among the sharpest, funniest working comedians.

– Ms.

Along with her brilliant delivery, indefatigable work ethic, and uncompromising political courage, Kate Clinton possesses the superpower of maintaining consistent relevancy in our fickle, sound-bite-driven, instant-downloadable age.

– Jane and Jane Magazine

Praise for Climate Change

Clinton is in rare form, and her timing and delivery have never been better. If you’ve heard these topics joked about before, you probably haven’t heard them handled with such charm and wit. This disc isn’t dated; it’s another greatest-hits collection.

Bay Windows

Praise for It’s Come To This! 25th Anniversary Tour

Kate, you’re not showbiz – you’re show art!

– Lily Tomlin

Praise for What the L?

[In What The L?,] Clinton offers deft takes on politics and culture, believing in laughter’s ability to “subvert authority and promote democracy.”

– Publishers Weekly

Whether delivered in a collection or as individual monlogues, Clinton’s humor makes us laugh out loud at the very ills that plague us, offering and eye opening glimpse of our society and, consequently, a highly coveted oppurtunity tio improve the quality of our own lives.


Hilarious new and collected pieces.

– Advocate

What the L? extends that community into the three-dimensional form of paper and ink. This summer, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the extended right-wing takeover of America. Pack it up in your beach bag and read the essays at random: they’ll remind you that there’s hope for the future.


Praise for Talking a Blue Streak

An evening of laughter, one that will leave you some added IQ points. Kate Clinton’s Talking a Blue Streak is just the ticket you are looking for.

– Journal Register, Utah