“Gods don’t kill people.  People with gods kill people.”
– Kate Clinton

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  1. Joanne Costanza
    August 6, 2012 @ 5:31 am

    Hi Kate,

    We need some consciousness raising about the women’s “uniforms” at the olympics.
    Sexualized for women, reasonable covering for men.

    The children/girls/young women on the gymnastics team are being exploited in order to get more viewers and have the advertisers make more money.

    How many families would have their 14 yr olds wear a high cut leotard and perform their often spread leg routines in their living room for their friends? They wouldn’t allow it … but we’ve been conditioned slowly to accept more and more exposure for our women athletes.

    I think that the rules for the uniforms have a maximum coverage limit rather than a minimum coverage limit !

    It’s not just the the gymnasts … it’s also track and field … and of course beach volleyball.

    If you’ll notice, the men wear pants!

    You could make it funny and enlightening too.
    Thank you for staying so clearly aware of the politics of exploitation for so many years and never selling-out. And thank you for being sooooo funny!
    The appreciation extends to Urvashi too! Both of you are the best.