It has been twenty years since that Year of the Woman thing.  No one would ever tell who she was.  And they announced it in late June, so it wasn’t even a full year.

At only three months into the year, I propose we name this year The Year of the Woman Legislator (YOWL).  I nominate four women for the formerly anonymous position of the Woman:

Nina Turner, Ohio State Senator, for introducing a bill that would require men to undergo psychological testing before acquiring drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Janet Howell, Virginia State Senator, for a bill requiring a man to undergo a rectal exam and cardio stress testing to qualify for ED drugs.

Kelly Cassidy, Illinois State Representative, for a bill requiring men to view a video of the medical treatment of erections lasting more than four hours.

Yasmin Neal, Georgia State Representative, for a bill that would outlaw vasectomies, because to quote Monty Python, “Every sperm is sacred.”

Each woman has said that the constituent reaction has been mostly positive and evenly divided between women and men.

The YOWL home office is soliciting your ideas for bills. We will forward them on to the appropriate legislator.  Send to  (Please nothing involving blood sport or references to bobbitizing.)

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  1. Mary G Malia
    March 14, 2012 @ 1:37 am

    Deep sigh here. THANK YOU! I listened to an NPR program yesterday with a panel that included Phyllis Schalafly. It was amazing. Her stance being the reason to not have insurance pay for Birth Control isn’t because conservatives are opposed to BC but opposed to paying for a women to have sex. All I could think was – damn we are paying for all those old guys to get erections? And there is NOTHING else associated with viagra that is a benefit to society the way birth control has helped women. No health benefits – well maybe it helps fight depression in men but causes suicidal tendencies in women.

    I love this article. I’m posting it to about 10 other blogs I manage and my personal and business FB pages. Thanks for being so damn funny and smart. ;-)!


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