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Lady HAHA – The CD

Start your new decade dance with Kate Clinton – comic without borders, wake-up artist, and the original reality gatecrasher. See Kate perform her world-famous burlesque Bubble Wrap Dance as she gleefully pops the air out of deniers and disruptors, birthers and dearthers, conservadems and bibliocrats, the -stans and the bans, spine flu and whine flu, ex-gays and A-gays, the audacity of nope and of course, the pope. All material fully digitalized and gorgeously styled by the Haus of Ha.

I Told You So

I Told You So is true, terrifying, and coffee-out-your-nose funny. I love Kate Clinton. Buy the book, or I’ll sic the NSA on your ass.

Rachel Maddow, Host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC and Air America

Hilarious, jam-packed, and fun-filled collection of thoughts from the mind of an American original.

Lily Tomlin

Kate Clinton makes our world bigger by sharing hers. With her laser beam wit, she offers up a series of bittersweet, twisted, tart and tangy, honest and from the heart essays. I enjoyed every minute of viewing the world through her eyes. All that and she is funny.

Lewis Black

A new collection from an icon in and out of the LGBT community, I Told You So is a hilarious, bittersweet, politically acute survival guide. In collected columns and routines Clinton gleefully details personal coping techniques tested over a lifetime. They’re perfectly suited for political and cultural upheaval: wildcatting for democracy, curbing your cynicism, and changing the climate. Read them and you’ll never be voted off the island.

I Told You So spans refreshingly disparate topics: sexual hypocrisy and gay marriage; 9/11 and its aftermath; girls gone wild and boys gone to war; Hillary Clinton and U.S. politics; baptism and waterboarding; as well as intelligent design and body shows; P-town and families of choice; and even bee colony and other collapses. As a humorist for over twenty-five years, Clinton believes that making light-light enough to see and light enough to move-is what sustains us. What unites the essays is a Mobius strip of humor intended not to dissipate outrage but rather to motivate action.

Get I Told You So (Trade Paperback $15; Audio Book $19.95) from Random House.

here! Comedy Presents Kate Clinton

Beloved political humorist, Kate Clinton, cuts loose and runs with the burning issues of the day – same and same old sex marriage, pop and pope culture, good and bad Bush fatigue – in this one-funny woman, standup performance. You’ll laugh til you think!

English, Not Rated. Runtime: 90 minutes. Year Produced: 2006.

It’s Come To This! Kate Clinton’s 25th Anniversary DVD

It's Come To This! Kate Clinton's 25th Anniversary DVD

You will love this collectors’ item. Catch Kate in personal interviews, backstage in Los Angeles with Urvashi Vaid, and in her uproarious kick-off performance. In 2006, to mark her silver anniversary as a performer, Kate Clinton changed her hair to silver and embarked on a 50-city “It’s Come To This!” tour. Her hilarious performances are interspersed with a variety of personal moments along the tour route, including rare interviews, backstage banter with her 20-year partner Urvashi Vaid, reading from her new book What the L?, and cameos from Lily Tomlin, Melissa Ethridge, Billie Jean King, Marga Comez, Vickie Shaw and other celebrities. By All Out Films.

DVD from Amazon

Climate Change – The CD

Climate Change - The CD

In a climate when most truth is inconvenient, trusted veteran weathergirl/comic Kate Clinton tracks the rapidly changing affronts of homophobia, the high atmosphere clashing of religious and secular systems, the aftermath of hurricanes of government neglect and the low pressure of despair. Unlike other reporters, content to report from the comfortable studio of complacency, she reports in her little yellow slicker of comedy, buffeted by the winds of war, almost blinded by the driving sleet of sexism. Based on her daily analysis, and long range study of weather patterns, she forecasts the high pressure of working for peace and that it will indeed get lighter toward the daybreak of justice. Tracklist includes Miss Construe, Guest Worker, Buckshot Lunch, Croc of Gold, [Hucka] Bee Colony Collapse, Fagadoodle, I 8 Suze Orman, and Deadline Comic.

The Marrying Kind

The Marrying Kind audio CD cover

Fast, fun and free-wheeling, and live from Los Angeles — no, its not a sporty hybrid — it’s Kate Clinton’s hysterical new CD, The Marrying Kind. Kate’s much-anticipated 7th comedy collection, is a wild, free-associating, dot-connecting romp through presidential selections, stem and terrorist cells, The Fox of War, Patriot action, Homeland Insecurity, the Axis of Medievals, Mad Vow Disease and Bush Free Daze. It’s a breathless ninety minute whiplash for rubberneckers of cultural trainwrecks who need a laugh. Don’t listen to it while operating a moving vehicle!

What the L?

What the L? paperback book

This essay collection chronicles what happened to lots of Ls: lesbians, liberals, leftists, lawyers, Ellen, lifestylists, leaders, lords, liars, lapsed catholics, lovers and losers in the reign of W…

These essays are written from the perspective of, to paraphrase a certain former governor of New Jersey, a Lesbian American. Moi. Pardon my freedom. I’ve been both for quite some time now. Being a lesbian is one of the most interesting things I have ever chosen to do. I love my country and I hate what’s happening… I mean ‘What the L?’ not in a pessimistic, shocked and awed, bug-eyed, incredulous, leaving-the-country, head-shakingly sad, somebody-always-ends-up-in-fears recitation of a slimily slicked series of unfortunate current events tone, but rather, in a buoyant, smartass, get-a-load-of-this, relentlessly optimistic, might-as-well-live What the L? tone. A leap of faith, if you will. And I will.

Kate Clinton cracks me up.

Melissa Etheridge

Easily as sharp as top political bananas Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.

The Advocate

Available from: Charis Books and More and other fine booksellers, and Amazon.

An e-book is available for purchase from Bywater Books! Cover photo by Jurek Wajdowicz.

Don’t Get Me Started

Don't Get Me Started paperback bookLet’s get one thing straight. I’m not. I’m out and proud. When I’m out and it’s raining I carry an umbrella. I used to be in but I hate the smell of mothballs. My closet was huge, complete with a foyer, turnstile, a few dead bolts, and a burglar alarm that had to be deactivated before I could even touch the door handle. And then there was the storm door. It wasn’t until I had lived and slept with a woman for a year that it occurred to me to ask, “Do you think we’re lesbians?” By the way, never come out to your father in a moving vehicle.

Now I’ve written a book. It’s not as easy as it looks. One night, I was working late on my computer when a little message came up on the screen, “You are almost out of memory.” Here are my thoughts and observations on everything from gay marriage (Mad Vow Disease) to my morbid fear of mascots (with the exception of the San Diego Chicken). That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil it for you. That’s a job for Jesse Helms.

Available from: Charis Books and More and other fine booksellers, and Amazon.

An e-book is available for purchase from Bywater Books. Cover photo by David Rodgers.

Laughing Matters

Laughing Matters DVD

Laughing Matters celebrates the work of four lesbian comics who pioneered queer standup comedy in the 1980s and early ’90s, when being out in the entertainment industry was not as common a topic as it is in the post-Ellen DeGeneres era. Alternating candid interviews with live standup performances, comedians Kate Clinton, Karen Williams, Marga Gomez, and Suzanne Westenhoefer offer their comic observations on being funny and lesbian–and the unique challenges involved in both.

Buy Laughing Matters now at Wolfe!

Read These Lips

Read These Lips audio CD

Kate Clinton strikes again in this 2001 release in which no one is spared. In this brilliant piece of comedy, Kate attacks AOL and computers in general, describes her adventures while ‘slogging,’ discusses her interactions with cell-phone users, and shares her opinion of the Pope’s apologies and the Ten Commandments. Of course, no Kate Clinton album would be complete without her sparkling political commentary. Don’t miss her analysis of the 2000 presidential campaign, the crusade for gay marriage, and her ideas for what to chant at a pride march. Highly recommended!

Comedy You Can Dance To

Comedy You Can Dance To audio CD

Self-proclaimed fumerist (feminist humorist) Kate Clinton returns with another classic live recording. Comprised of almost all new material, mixed in with little snippets of some of the old favorites, this 1998 release includes political material as fresh as the daily news, savvy send-ups of modern family relationships and illuminating perspectives on life as a lesbian American. Hysterically funny!

Babes in Joyland

Babes in Joyland audio CD

Recorded live in Boston (dead doesn’t record well), Kate draws on her recovering Catholic roots, years of high school English teaching, and her authority on Bush and bawdy politic to build laughter of fading fears and connections made. It’s hard to be a dominatrix in a kinder, gentler nation, so her comedy is more stand-with than stand-up! Join her as she gallops through the Joyland Themepark: rubbernecking on the Planet of the Guys, getting scared straight in a Gender DeTox, and flailing away at Mom Pinata in Familyland!

Kate Clinton Live at The Great American Music Hall

Live at The Great American Music Hall audio cassette

In her inimitable style, where every breath packs a punch, Kate relates experiences as a recovering Catholic (coveting her neighbor’s wife), sensitively and deeply describes Californians discussing Relationships, satirizes personals in papers, sings her song for parthenogenesis, and tells how she answered the question What Do YOU Do? at an S/M workshop (and you’ll have to buy this to hear the answer!). Though Kate’s audiences continue to expand at a rapid rate and the types of people she performs for has broadened significantly, she never omits her lesbian material; get your TV sets tuned up!