Kate’s Dates

Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Zombie Apocalypse!

We hear, “Shut up! No you shut up!”,  “I know you are, but what am I?” and “Ur a 10.  Ur a 9.  Ur an 8.” coming from President Peepee’s Playhouse. What’s a comic to do? Tweet? Improv? Crack?  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Nothing but knock, knock jokes!  They got people through the Great Depression; they’ll get us through the Zombie Apocalypse.  They’re fun, fast and will make you laugh the whole show. Knock, knock. Who’s there? I hope you are.

March 20th: New York– Columbia University

April 15th – Atlanta– Democracy Alliance

May 1st Brooklyn– Streb Action Maverick Banquet

June 4th – NYCLambda Literary Awards

June 20th- NYC– Levity and Justice

Design: Jennifer Camper, tour photo: David Rodgers. Click here for booking and publicity information.