Kate’s Dates


If you love those kitty videos or even if you don’t, you will love Kate’s new show. Sarah Palin saw it from her kitchen window. It’s a little bit catty. The Brothers Kochamamiekoff. Crime and Punishment: American Style. Pootie-poo to you too. MeOW! It’s a little bit pussy and not at all wussy. More furies than furries and sure to get your dander up. From Hobby Lobby to buffer zones to shit-fit bits. Don’t cry me a river. Are you ready for hilarity?


2/19 – New Jersey

RVCC ARTS – More Info

4/9- Boston

Fenway Women’s Dinner – More Info

6/6 – New York City

Lambda Literary Awards – More Info

10/28- Palm Springs

Center Stage 2016- More Info


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