Kate’s Dates

Feeling 2D? Fatigued by Facebook? Numbed by Tumblr? Prefer real Amazons? Feeling like an anti-social network? Like you've done every one on HeyStupid? Well, get your app out of apathetic and get your groupon for a memorable off-line experience. You will laugh out loud for real with Kate Clinton. She is the broad in broadband. From twerking to tweeting, drones to iPhones, Bennies to Frannies, wives to wifi-hotspots, Pussy Riot to Wussy Riot - Kate is where sane and zane meet. She's voice and choice activated and more on demand than ever. 2/4-2/8- Denver, CO Creating Change- More Info Design: Jennifer Camper, tour photo: David Rodgers. Click here for booking and publicity information.
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