July 2007

July 2007

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Photo: Kate and The Lesbian Mafia in Provincetown

Welcome to Women Like Me!

Through the new Women Like Me program, Good Vibrations invites you to join us on the path to find out the things we need to know and want to know about our sexuality. What are the issues and concerns that we face, the joys and triumphs that await us? Who are the friends and the lovers we already know or are yet to meet?

Our adventure begins… now, and you are most welcome and invited to enjoy and participate in this program too.
– Dr. Betty L. Sullivan, Director of Special Projects/Content, Good Vibrations

Kate Clinton Talks About It… and We Laugh

Here’s the difference: my girlfriend used to say, “You’re wet,” now she says, “You’re damp.” If you have to ask, you haven’t had a hot flash. You burst into flames, yet there’s a thin layer of water on your body. Making love is like hydroplaning. I am thinking about using velcro to keep her from sliding off. If you want to have sex. My advice: make sure your girlfriend is younger. The problem is she will remember the last time you had sex. You won’t. And guaranteed it was longer ago than you remember. My advice is don’t talk about sex in bed. Get up, make some tea, then chat. The thing to remember is you are not alone. And it is not the end of the world. Lots of our friends are going through these changes. When the topic of sex and menopause comes up, my friends, who wouldn’t shut up about their sex lives when we were all younger, clam up faster than Condoleeza under subpoena. And my girlfriend will bring it up. Like WLM, she won’t let it go. Since my vagina is now drier than my Thanksgiving turkey, I’m off to find that gel. That one kills my girlfriend and I always know we’ve had a breakthrough when we laugh. Thanks again WLM for your pubic service.


Photo: hillary-logo.jpg

Kate Clinton has been announced as an official member of
LGBT Americans for Hillary, the National LGBT Steering Committee.

And for 20012…

Thanks, we enjoyed your show in P-town and purchased two copies of the new book What the L?. Thanks for autographing both we gave one as a gift. Very funny stuff! Please get us out of this mess before the “Bush man” makes it impossible to leave home. Why don’t you run for president?? A great many of us would vote for you, anyway.

Take care,

In the Media with Kate

Boston Globe – Parade Magazine, Sunday July 22, 2007.

On Stage Left. Political humorist Kate Clinton is playing to sold-out crowds in Provincetown this summer…
http://www.boston.com/news/globe/magazine/ articles/2007/07/22/on_stage_left/

Kate Clinton on Gay USA

Podcasts of Gay USA can be downloaded at:

You can listen to any or all of three recent shows. You can also click on the subscribe button to download recent show to your computer’s iTunes or other music player they may have on your computer. The iTunes program on your computer will automatically look for new Gay USA podcasts whenever you open the iTunes application.

“Gay USA” is seen in Manhattan on MNN on Thursdays at 11 PM on Time-Warner 34 and RCN 110 and simulcast at http://www.MNN.org channel 34. It is distributed nationally on the Dish Network through Free Speech TV.

To keep up with LGBT news between shows, go to:
CBS NEWS – Gay Celebrities

Our own Kate Clinton has been highlighted as an “OUT” Celebrity.

Site News

Win A Date With Kate – Update

We have received numerous entries for this contest. Kate is reading all and will have her decision by September. Thank you all for your participation!

New: K8T Asks/ Ask K8T

K8T Asks. Kate asks, you answer, no registration is necessary – just check out the questions and get in on the discussion:

Ask K8T. Ever had a question you just wish you could ask? Well here’s your chance – send your questions now to askk8t@kateclinton.com and we’ll post selected questions and answers:

The Forum Is Back

Finally, we are happy to announce that we have won the war on spammers and the forum is back in working order. Here’s a taste of the developing Recovering Catholics discussion: “Catholic schools – talk about the horror. Let’s see… I went to a parochial school from 3rd to 8th grade, isn‚Äôt that horror enough for you?!?!”

Let’s continue this party and meet there right away!

New Items on CafePress!

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Thanks to your feedback on the survey, we’ve got all-new stuff for you at CafePress! Check out Kate’s new Climate Change tour apparel including shirts, hoodies, and all new products featuring fan-favorite one-liners like “Lazy Top” and “Women laughing together is like women coming together.”

Climate Change: Hairspray

“Bear Week is over in Ptown. So if you go down to the woods today, you‚Äôre going to be on your own…”

The HA [Humor Activism] Corner

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I just want to say first off that I saw you at Northampton High School this month and your show was fantastic. I took my girlfriend to boston, MA for her birthday. We traveled from MN and had a wonderful trip, best being your show!

I hope you take the time to read this because I want to tell you how important your message is to gay men & women everywhere. In 2006 I filed a formal complaint against my place of employment for discrimination based on sexual orientation. I work for a suburban police department south of Minneapolis in MN.

This complaint was a long time coming. I would sit through roll calls where supervisors would say “homosexuality is deviant behavior.” I was told by another supervisor in a heated argument that he knew about my life style and he’s never given me any problems…g thanks! That only is one piece of the puzzle, the supervisors there were completely out of control.

Another female officer (who isn’t gay) came forward with me and made a formal complaint with the city attorney. She was being harassed because she had a baby and took maternity leave, dept would not give her light duty and the same supervisor that told me he knew about me openly called her derogatory names.

Police work is a conservative male dominated world that really stinks sometimes. Anyway i’m becoming long winded, your message thru your comedy tours and books helped me get through 2006. I went about 6 months at the highest stress level i’ve ever encountered but it was worth it. The dept hasn’t changed too much but the supervisors have left me alone for the most part. The nice thing is I had support from the other female co-worker and most of the male patrol officers. I know that my career there as far as promotions is pretty much done, but such is life I guess:)

I felt good about standing up for myself and 6 yrs was way too long to take it. Thanks for all you do. You inspire so many! Thanks for the autographed book as well as the picture.

I hope this email finds you well.

We want to hear your activism stories! Share some of the witty, gay civil protests you’ve done in our HA [Humor Activism] Corner:

E-Cards: Brand new images just added!

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Have you sent a free electronic Kate Clinton greeting card? Surprise someone with a note in their mailbox:

DVD News

COMING SOON! All Out Films Presents: It’s Come To This! 25th Anniversary DVD

We have seen the rough cut and you will love this collectors’ item. This DVD will feature tons of bonus extras and outtakes. Release date to be announced…

here! Comedy Presents Kate Clinton

Photo: thumbs/heretv-logo.gif

Beloved political humorist, Kate Clinton, cuts lose and runs with the burning issues of the day – same and same old sex marriage, pop and pope culture, good and bad Bush fatigue – in this one-funny woman, standup performance. You’ll laugh til you think!

Photo: dvd-art.jpg


Find out more and order your DVD now:


Quotable K8T

“My health care plan is the single prayer plan ‚Äì oh please God don‚Äôt let me get sick.”
– Kate Clinton

Outspoken Activist Of The Month: Charles Flowers, Executive Director, Lambda Literary Foundation
Photo: cflowers.jpg

A fifteen year-plus veteran of publishing and arts administration, Charles Flowers has worked with such authors as Urvashi Vaid, E. Lynn Harris, Joan Larkin, Michelangelo Signorile, Sarah Schulman, Andrew Holleran, Keith Boykin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Stacey D’Erasmo, among many others.

Page One: K8T is reading… Darker Nations – A People’s History of the Third World

Photo: 1344.cover.jpg

Here, from a brilliant young writer, is a paradigm-shifting history of both a utopian concept and global movement – the idea of the Third World. The Darker Nations traces the intellectual origins…

Page One: K8T is reading… Lambda Book Report

Photo: lbr.jpg

Lambda Book Report is the country’s most established review of contemporary LGBT literature. Appearing four times a year, LBR will be published in January, April, July, and October.

Outspoken Organization Of The Month: Lambda Literary Foundation

Photo: banner_cropped.gif

Welcome to the Lambda Literary Foundation, the country’s leading organization for LGBT literature. Our mission is to celebrate LGBT literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians Рthe whole literary community.

Monthly Trivia Contest: Win an Anniversary Tour T-Shirt

Photo: shirt-front.jpg

The first person to email us with the correct answer to the following trivia question gets an Anniversary tour t-shirt from CafePress. Score! Here’s the question: “Off of which Women’s Festival stage did Kate do her first ever crowd surf?” Click here to email us your answer:

Last Month’s Contest

Last month’s question was “What’s the name of the festival where Kate ran the first Lesbian Family Feud?” The answer is NEWMR New England Women’s Music Retreat. Although no one hit the nail on the head, two responses came very close – so both will get T-Shirts this month. Congratulations to Debra Dunkle (“The Lancaster County Amish Lesbian Festival, ah I remember it well.”) and Harley (“Oct. 1988 Boogiewimmin produce ‘Family Feud’-style ‘Dueling Dykes’ game
show”) Thanks for playing – better luck to the rest of you this month!

Check out Kate’s CafePress stuff here:

Kate Clinton Tour News

See Kate Live – Kate’s Dates:

Did someone say B-I-N-G-O?

Dear Kate,

My girlfriend Debbie and I saw you for the first time on the Olivia Mexican Riviera Cruise in November of 2006 and we really enjoyed your show. You were no doubt the cutest Bingo Host on-board, we might add. Last night we caught your 25th Anniversary Show on Logo On Demand. We loved it!!!! You are a one true class act, Kate!!! We think you are wonderful!!! You make us proud to be lesbians.

Thanks for making us laugh.
Patty & Debbie

Get Ready for Climate Change!

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New York, New York: Kate’s Only 2007 NYC Performance Appearance!
Thursday, Nov. 1
Gotham Comedy Club, 208 West 23rd St., NYC
Reservations: 212-367-9000

July PTown Kickoff a Huge Success

Photo: 001.jpg
Marci and Kelly sharing a moment with Kate after the show.

Photo: IMG_3322.jpg
Kate meets with audience members after her show.

Photo: IMG_3324.jpg
Valerie Sagaria and Rachel selling tons of Kate Clinton merchandise.

In Memorium: Lynne Dahlborg

Photo: IMG_3325.jpg
Kate and Lynn at a recent show in PTown

“Finally, a day/night when I felt well enough to venture into the exciting world of Provincetown (Ptown) night life. Patty, and our friends Maria and Robbyn, went out to hear Kate Clinton do her comedy routine – “Climate Change” – last night…”

Upcoming Tour Dates

August 2,3,4,9,10,11,16,17,18,19,23,24,25,26,30,31, 2007

Provincetown, MA
The Crown and Anchor 

Bloomington, IN
Indiana University Auditorium

Washington, DC
Out and Equal 
The Annual Summit Gala Dinner
Washington Dc Hilton
Note: private event for conference attendees only

Provincetown, MA
Women’s Week 2007 ‚Ä®Crown and Anchor‚Ä®
10/12-3pm & 7pm
10/13- 3pm & 7pm

Lexington, KY
Singletary Center

The Garden Party was a Huge Success – Looking Forward to the 25th Anniversary

New York’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center presented its Garden Party 24 benefit. “‘Garden Party’ is the largest and signature, outdoor fundraising celebration that directly benefits the Center, and attracts more than 2,500 revelers.

Photo: Garden_Party_07_3752.jpg
Kate is joined backstage by recording star Kirsten Price and two-time Tony Award winner Tonya Pinkins. Photo by Jicky.

Photo: Garden_Party_07_3432.jpg
The official Kate Clinton posse is out in full force – Michele, Steve, Earnestine, Robert and Valerie. Photo by Jicky.

For more pictures, check out Kate’s photo album:

The Virtual World

Olivia Connect Welcomes Kate Clinton


Where do you live? NYC, NY and PTown, MA
Age: 59
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Status: In A Relationship

Why I’m Here:
Hang out with my friends on Olivia.com

About me:
Reading, working out, garnishing and complaining about Bush. Bad Bush, not good bush. Hello, Mr. Dataminer!

What I do in my occupation:
Self Employed Comedian

What field I’m in:

What field I’d like to be in:
Daisy or Left

Whom do you admire?
Urvashi Vaid. Gloria Steinem. Eve Ensler. Michele Karlsberg. Muriel Rukeyser. Tam Martin. Cindy Sheehan. Eric Rofes.

Smart, Funny, Radical, Cute, Make me Laugh, They like to walk on the beach.

Your Spirituality:
Other: Wordly

Your political view:
Other: Progressive

My high school: Cathedral Academy, Syracuse
My college/university: Le Moyne
Graduate School: Colgate University

I am more Fauna then Flora

What’s on my iPod/CD player right now:
Broadway showtunes on IPOD shuffle while housecleaning. Melissa Etheridge. Oscar Peterson. Crissie Hynde. Taal. Beethoven 1, 3, 5, 9. How odd. Salt n Pepper. Irish or Indian dance music, Arcade Fire.

What I’m reading/Books I love:
Alison Bechdel, Fun Home. Amy Hoffman, Hospital Time. Steven McCauley, Alternatives to Sex. Jared Diamond, Collapse. Muriel Rukeyser, Collected Works. One Hour, Lillian Smith. Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians, Laura Flanders.

The last movie I saw was/Movies I love:
Napoleon Dynamite. Moonstruck. Ma Vie En Rose I’m learning the election dance in my moon boots. Sweet. The Live’s Of Others

My guilty pleasures (activities, hobbies, cuisines, television shows, etc.)

The last Olivia vacation I took/place I traveled:
Punta Cana


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The Huffington Post – Breaking News and Opinion

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Over 1,500 MySpace Friends!

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Kate’s MySpace Fan Club:

Kate’s MySpace Page:

Fan Spotlight

Send Kate a letter or a photo – we’re always posting new fan photos on the site and Kate loves to hear from you! Here are some recent letters and photos. Keep ’em coming!

See fan photos:

Send Kate a photo or letter:

Thank you for Coming Out!

Dear Kate,

You’ve been a wonderful part of my world since I came out “officially” twenty years ago after being in the closet for 35 years (they say we’re born this way, ya know). I’ve seen you every chance I get (including the Oakland Earthquake show, which was flippin scary) to the recent show at the Brava theatre. Howlingly good show!

I am so grateful for your humor, your passion and commitment to making our planet a better place. I applaud the notion of not taking silly things too seriously and taking silly asshole rightwing things very seriously (like our life depended on it).

My partner and I are very proud to be aging lesbians, proud of our twenty years together, and proud to be part of the GLBT community here in San Francisco. AND prouder still of your courage and charism. Happy Pride!

Roz Gallo

The International Buzz- From Brazil to Israel

Hi there,

My name is Nathanael, but people call me Nathan. I am 23 years old. I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I would like to be your friend because I think you are a great woman and a good political activist — and my country could use many people like you. Well, have a nice day, and see you!

– Nathan

Hey Kate!!
‚Ä®I’m Sam and it’s really nice to meet you. 🙂 I saw you in “We’re Funny That Way” back in the day and still haven’t forgot your set! You’re badass funny and talented so I thought I’d drop a line telling you you got at least one fan in Israel. ;)‚Ä®

Happy Birthday!

Aw, a message from THE Kate Clinton. How thoughtful of you. Got to spend my birthday at Michigan Pride, so it couldn’t have been any better.
Thanks for taking the time…


Lesbians For A Better America!

Hey, Kate. So I’m the girl who was wearing the “Lesbians for a Better America” shirt at the NYC Dyke March and told you I saw you at Rutgers. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that seeing you marching with us MADE my day! I love your comedy (I think you’re genius) and it was so great to see you marching with everyone. Oh, and you looked adorable in that hat. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I live for the NYC Dyke March. 🙂 Hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable.



We play your new dvd in our store on the big screen all the time..people laugh their ass off! (plus it’s great for sales too)


Booking and Publicity

Whether you’re with an organization, corporation, club, theater or bookstore, feel free to inquire about having Kate entertain you for the evening. You can now find workshop and presentation descriptions here:

For personal appearances/performances (i.e. standup, hosting, emceeing, business and organization presentations) contact:
Tam Martin, Artist Representative
Beachfront Bookings/Productions
[Beachfront Bookings/Productions logo]
P.O. Box 13218, Portland, OR 97213-0218
(503) 281-3874 phone | (503) 281-3881 fax

For College and University lectures, contact:
Jodi Solomon
Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau, Incorporated
325 Huntington Avenue Suite 112, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-3450 phone | (617) 266-5660 fax

For media & merchandise inquiries, contact:
Michele Karlsberg Marketing & Management
47 Dongan Hills Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306
(718) 351-9599 phone | (718) 980-4262 fax