October 2006

October 2006
— Women’s Week In Provincetown Wrap-Up
— Site News: Forum Free T-Shirt Drawing, Holidaze, Don’t Get Me Started!, The HA [Humor Activism] Corner, Private Internet Chat With Kate Clinton: A Success Story
— October Trivia Contest: Win a What The L? Coffee Mug!
— Kate Clinton IT’S COME TO THIS! 25th Anniversary Tour News
— Escape To Paradise with Kate Clinton and Olivia
— On A Serious Note: Marriage Rights and Security
— Fan Spotlight
— Booking and Publicity…

[Photo: posse.jpg]
We Are Family – Kate’s Publicist Michele Karlsberg, along with Victoria Werner, Kate, Steven Cotugno and Robert Kelly getting into the posse mode at The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College.

Women’s Week 2006 in Provincetown Wrap-Up

A Good Time Was Had By All! Kate Clinton and The National Center Of Lesbian Rights were the talk of the town and we have you to thank for it.

[Photo: IMG_1434.jpg]
As Proud members of NCLR Dr. Debra May and Judy Ehrlich attend Kate’s WW Crown & Anchor show.

The Running of the Mullets

That’s what they used to call Ptown’s Women’s Week, years and years ago. And you know who they are. But this year, with the glorious blue sky, sunny warm days and full fall color spectrum as thier background, the women of Women’s Week were mostly mulletless and gorgeous. And from all over the county – Texas, California, Vermont, Staten Island…

Read the rest of Kate’s blog post about Women’s Week!

[Photo: KateClintonGroup.jpg]
Gary Campbell (Orleans, MA), Ron Clapham – aka “Copper” as Kate sometimes calls him (Boston MA), Kate, Lisa Berg (LA, CA), Virginnia (Ginny) Riegel (San Diego, CA) and Lisa’s partner Rosanne Schembri (LA, CA). We also wanted to note that Lisa and Rosie have been together for almost 28 years and were recently married in Toronto. 🙂

[Photo: two-teams-football.jpg]
Team Clinton and Team Kendell get together for a photo op.

[Photo: Vicky-Shaw.jpg]
With Kate Kendell by her side Vicky Shaw shares her touch football insight.

[Photo: Cheerleaders.jpg]
Rah-Rah! Sis-Boom-Ba!!

[Photo: footballnclr.jpg]
Eleanor Palacios and Kris Hermans from NCLR celebrate Women’s Week 2006.

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[Photo: IMG_1429.jpg]
[Photo: IMG_1432.jpg]
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Site News: Forum Free T-Shirt Drawing, Holidaze, Don’t Get Me Started!, The HA [Humor Activism] Corner, Private Internet Chat With Kate Clinton: A Success Story

If you’ve visited Kate’s site recently you’ve probably noticed some changes. But I must say we are a little disappointed that forum conversations have not been posted to date! We would like to give that little extra push. Sign up and post between 10/24 and 10/31 and you will be entered in a drawing for a 20th Anniversary T-Shirt. After you have signed up for the forum, send an email to let us know that you have posted, and you’ll be entered in the drawing!

While you’re hanging out at kateclinton.com, don’t forget to check out these other new features:
— CommuniKate, a completely revamped section just for fans that features Kate’s blog, an interactive Forum, and a new Downloads page with brand-new free desktops/wallpapers for your computer, and banners and buttons for your site
— A new weekly rant by Kate called “Don’t Get Me Started”
— Easy buttons right on the home page so you can check out Kate on your favorite social networking sites like MySpace and Friendster. Check out Fans Of Kate Clinton on Myspace.com.
— About Kate, a one-stop shop for press, media and event planning folks
— New, searchable archives for Kate’s articles, photos, and blog

Explore, enjoy, download, and keep those comments rolling in — your emails keep us in the know on what you want to see on the site, and tell us how we can make a stronger, more active community. We hope you’ll like the changes and can’t wait to see you in the forum and commenting on the blog!

Holidaze: Wondering what the perfect holiday gift is? The answer is right here!

All new CafePress items: Click here for large and small coffee mugs, as well as tanks, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, and other Kate gear like buttons, stickers, journals, tote bags and messenger bags:

New: Don’t Get Me Started! Weekly rants straight from Kate

[Photo: DGMS-centered.jpg]
“The first 15 minutes of Jon Stewart have saved what’s left of my political mind…”

The HA [Humor Activism] Corner: We know you are out there. Mid-term elections and everyone is so quiet…

[Photo: hacorner-kate.jpg]
Let’s put some fun in our own fundamentalism! Use your imagination! Tell us some of the witty, gay civil protests you’ve done in our all-new HA [Humor Activism] Corner. Check out the latest HA! Corner entry from comedian Karen Williams: “I am an ordinary person. I am no one special. I ask a simple question. Why war?” Read the rest in the CommuniKate Forum:

Private Internet Chat With Kate Clinton: A Success Story

We had a blast. Until Oct 18th Kate was a chat room virgin. She was joined by eleven other chatters and for a full 90 minutes the conversation was flowing. Visitors were quick, funny and so right on about our world as we see it today. Kate was laughing so hard, she had to head right to the shop and get a new keyboard. Thank you for joining in and keep your eyes open for our next chat!

October Trivia Contest: Win a What The L? Coffee Mug!

[Photo of CafePress What The L? coffee mug]
The first person to email us with the correct answer to the following trivia question gets a What The L? coffee mug from CafePress. Score! Here’s the question: What is the name of the Bay area theater Kate performed in during an earthquake? Click here to email us your answer:

Last Month’s Contest

Congrats to last month’s Trivia Contest winner Janice Hanusik, who answered the question, What kind of vehicle did Kate first drive on the road to shows? with “A red VW van named RUBY — as in the fruit.” Well done, Janice! Thanks to everyone for playing.

Find out more about What The L? here:

Check out Kate’s CafePress stuff here:

Kate Clinton IT’S COME TO THIS! 25th Anniversary Tour News

[Photo: ad-0607.jpg]

For complete event listings, visit:

The Sunshine State is getting ready for Miss Clinton

Sarasota, FL
Flanzer Community Theatre
(941) 951-2576

Clearwater, FL
Octagon Arts Center

11/16 – 11/17/06
West Palm Beach, FL
Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts Rinker Playhouse

The Southwest is getting ready for Kate’s visit to the Desert

Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
(480) 994-ARTS

Tucson, AZ
Rialto Theatre

They Came From Near and Far: What fun we had at Kate’s only Tri-State Anniversary Tour appearance!

[Photo: IMG_1412.jpg]
Kate telling it like it is.

[Photo: IMG_1415.jpg]
[Photo: IMG_1414.jpg]
[Photo: new-fans.jpg]
Vicky chats it up with Kate’s newest fans Diane (Queens), Evelyn and Susan (Staten Island)

[Photo: IMG_1418.jpg]
From PTown To New Jersey, you can always count on Lizette and Denise (left) to show the gals Raina, Cathy and Ilena how to have a good time with Kate!

[Photo: IMG_1417.jpg]
Med Student Frankie loves to talk politics with Kate.

Escape To Paradise with Kate Clinton and Olivia

[photo: olivia.jpg)
Olivia’s Columbus Isle Resort Vacation, December 2-9, 2006

Join Kate and escape to an island paradise with the women of Olivia. Comedians Kate Clinton, Karen Williams, Julie Goldman, Jennie McNulty, Lisa Koch and Dana Goldberg promise to keep you laughing all week.

Columbus Isle offers plenty of ways to pamper or challenge you. Get a massage. Take a dip in the pool or learn a new dance. Play tennis, volleyball or basketball. Go deep sea fishing or scuba diving. Spend the afternoon kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing. The miles of white-sand beaches provide ample opportunities for sunset strolls. The crystal-blue waters invite you to take a plunge. Columbus Isle is like no place on earth!

Last minute specials and affordable airfares are available. Call 800.631.6277 or for more details, visit:

On A Serious Note: Marriage Rights and Security

[Photo: prudential-logo.gif]

Kate recently served as the Keynote Speaker and moderated a discussion at Prudentials Newark headquarters presenting a symposium for Domestic Partners (GLBT or otherwise) that face challenges protecting their medical, financial and material assets due to the fact that they are not married in the eyes of the law. The evening was presented by EAGLES (Employee Association of Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders) in partnership with the E/O Diversity Office.

[Photo: IMG_1385.jpg]

Kate’s hosts for the evening Gloria McDonald (Finance), Mary Ianelli (President of EAGLES) and Peter Trost (Director of Employee Development of Prudential) help to create outreach to all diversity groups within Prudential. They were the perfect hosts with a pre-talk reception followed by a delicious dinner buffet for all. For more information contact:

[Photo: IMG_1392.jpg]

Fan Spotlight

Send Kate a letter or a photo — we’re always posting new fan photos on the site and Kate loves to hear from you! Here are some recent letters and photos. Keep ’em coming!

More fan photos:

Rock The Boat

Hi Kate,

Well, you were right.. now that we’ve been off the boat since Friday, all of the women look like lesbians… too bad they’re not. And we are definitely struggling without our omelletier. Bedtime is really a letdown without our towel origami , but we are learning to adapt. I do think the funniest thing I have ever seen, is you interpreting for Vickie Shaw during OldyWeds/NewlyWeds. We are still getting a lot of mileage out of that evening.

So, it is back to our near perfect life in St.Helena, CA… we call it Pleasantville. And, we will save our $$ for the next Olivia Cruise Greece, or perhaps we’ll wait until Oliava heads to New Zealand. So, thanks again to you and the other performers for making our trip so much fun, and hilarious as well.

Regards until next time,
Mary Jane & Mary Beth

MySpace Connections

I was so glad to see you have a MySpace site. I can finally thank you for the MAJOR boost to my self esteem you gave me about 13 years ago. You were in Ann Arbor, MI at the Ark. I was waiting for my friends to get out of the bathroom when you came up to me and said the most flattering things I have ever heard. Thank you for that! I was walking taller by the time I left there and I am already 6′ tall… LOL

A Blast From The Past

[Photo: king picture.jpg]

I am a 1979 JD graduate. My best friend, Rhonda Katzoff and myself, Cindy Minechelli had the absolute pleasure of knowing you in high school. I know you have seen millions of students, so you probably will have to look us up in the year book…and by the way all three of us, (you, me and Rhonda) are still gorgeous! One of our fav memories of you is getting over the intercom after school and saying “Earth, earth to Ms. Spillane!” I was the girl who worked in the office after school, sliding out my and Rhonda’s skip notices or any bad report to the floor on the other side to be retrieved and destroyed! If you tell anyone I will deny it! LOL! ‚Ä®
You were a hoot back than and still are. When Rinker suspended me for smoking in the girls bathroom, you told me and Rhonda, “Hey, I was just making the peace sign and the cig fell from the ceiling”, Gosh I wish I had thought of that because my parents were not too happy!!! ‚Ä®
I had the pleasure of seeing you on Maury and Rhonda actually got to see one of your shows. ‚Ä®
I cannot believe you are living in P-town! You go Girl! I have been blessed with some awesome relationships with my gay friends and love them immensely. My husband tells me I have more gay male friends… he laughs and I tell him, Listen they are the experts on how to accessorize and will tell you if you look like shit without blinking an eye! ‚Ä®
Anyway, just wanted to let you know, that you have left a footprint on my heart, those JD days basically sucked in my book. I was the new kid in 10th grade and the clickity clicks were awful! If I knew then, what I know now… it would not have hurt me so much! ‚Ä®
My hubby’s parents own a house in Brewster, so we have been to P-town a bunch of times! I am going to check out your touring schedule, I would love to see you, you are one of the people I have met in my life that I will never forget.

Blast from the past, Cindy King (Minechelli)

All Time Favorite

Rlboston writes:
Don’t make light, Kate.

PTown Neighbor

[Photo: heather.jpg]
Loved seeing you this summer, as always. Here is a photo of you and my wife, Heather. Our lesbian friends, Angel & Susan, are getting married at our house on National Coming Out Day.

Your P-town neighbor, Corinne Diana

In The Life

[Photo: IMG_1192.jpg]
[Photo: inthelife-logo.gif]
Kate with Executive Director Michelle Kristel, Production coordinator Amber Hall and Executive Producer Maria Patrick.

Booking and Publicity

Whether you’re with an organization, corporation, club, theater or bookstore, feel free to inquire about having Kate entertain you for the evening. You can now find workshop and presentation descriptions here:

For personal appearances/performances (i.e. standup, hosting, emceeing, business and organization presentations) contact:
Tam Martin, Artist Representative
Beachfront Bookings/Productions
[Beachfront Bookings/Productions logo]
P.O. Box 13218, Portland, OR 97213-0218
(503) 281-3874 phone | (503) 281-3881 fax

For College and University lectures, contact:
Jodi Solomon
Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau, Incorporated
325 Huntington Avenue Suite 112, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-3450 phone | (617) 266-5660 fax

For media & merchandise inquiries, contact:
Michele Karlsberg Marketing & Management
47 Dongan Hills Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306
(718) 351-9599 phone | (718) 980-4262 fax