To quote VP Joe Biden, “This is a big f**in deal.”  Lovable old Hairplugs Joe was of course referring to the successful passage of health insurance reform. I am referring to the shameful, dangerous behavior of the overly televised Teabaggers.

Stupid does as stupid is.  In a recent poll, 25% said they believe Pres. Obama is the anti-christ.  40% think he’s a socialist.  It’s not clear what percentage of that 40% know what a socialist is.  20% believe Pres. Obama is doing many of the things Hitler did. 38% percent think he wants to take away Americans’ right to own guns.  A big percentage thinks he wants to take away their fishing licenses.  And the majority of them get their feelings hurt if you call them stupid.

My galpal says do not call them stupid.

“But what if they are?” I ask.

She says it’s not stupidity, it’s class.

I think it’s racism tarted up as class.

Just look at the pictures. Watch CSPAN. The Party of Hell No is the White Party.  The Other White Meat.  When the Republiban had their Evita moment and held up “Kill the Bill” signs from an outdoor balcony, they goaded their goons on the ground into race-baiting behavior. House members had to walk a racist, homophobic gauntlet to vote on healthcare. After the vote, Representatives received death threats, rocks through their windows, faxed nooses. Sarah Palin, that i.e.d of demagoguery, put a map on her website with bull’s eyes over Representatives who voted for health care reform.

The only response to hate speech is more speech. Once again, silence equals death.  Ask, tell, scream, yell.  This is a big f**in deal.