Before the power went out in Ptown, I was doing what everyone in town was doing.  Watching Weather Porn.  On an average weather day, the music on the Weather Channel  sounds like porn music. 
The foreplay was intense, and the storm really was super with a big payload. Mother Nature is the original dominatrix.
But more chilling than the wind chill was the school closing scroll: 
Our Lady of Psychological Warfare, closed. 
Bully the Gays Middle School, delayed. 
Mrs. Murray’s Home School, open
and she doesn’t want to hear your bellyaching, so get dressed and get down here.
Watching it was like hacking into a top secret list of Momdrassas.  “So this is where they train them!” 
The power is back on.  The drifts are huge, old-school, Biblical.  But little by little, shovel by shovel, toss by toss, I’m making progress.